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Realpe, M.; Vintimilla, B.X.; Vlacic, L. A Fault Tolerant Perception system for autonomous vehicles 2016 Control Conference (CCC), 2016 35th Chinese 6531-6536
Pamies, D.; Barreras, P.; Block, K.; Makri, G.; Kumar, A.; Wiersma, D.; Smirnova, L.; Zhang, C.; Bressler, J.; Christian, K.M.; Harris, G.; Ming, G.-L.; Berlinicke, C.J.; Kyro, K.; Song, H.; Pardo, C.A.; Hartung, T.; Hogberg, H.T. A human brain microphysiological system derived from induced pluripotent stem cells to study neurological diseases and toxicity 2016 Altex
Westbroek, W.; Nguyen, M.; Siebert, M.; Lindstrom, T.; Burnett, R.A.; Aflaki, E.; Jung, O.; Tamargo, R.; Rodriguez-Gil, J.L.; Acosta, W.; Hendrix, A.; Behre, B.; Tayebi, N.; Fujiwara, H.; Sidhu, R.; Renvoise, B.; Ginns, E.I.; Dutra, A.; Pak, E.; Cramer, C.; Ory, D.S.; Pavan, W.J.; Sidransky, E. A new glucocerebrosidase-deficient neuronal cell model provides a tool to probe pathophysiology and therapeutics for Gaucher disease 2016 Disease Models & Mechanisms 9 769-778