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Tyzack, G.; Lakatos, A.; Patani, R. Human Stem Cell-Derived Astrocytes: Specification and Relevance for Neurological Disorders 2016 Current Stem Cell Reports 2 236-247
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Achuta, V.S.; Grym, H.; Putkonen, N.; Louhivuori, V.; Karkkainen, V.; Koistinaho, J.; Roybon, L.; Castren, M.L. Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 responses dictate differentiation of neural progenitors to NMDA-responsive cells in fragile X syndrome 2016 Developmental Neurobiology
Scheiblich, H.; Bicker, G. Nitric oxide regulates antagonistically phagocytic and neurite outgrowth inhibiting capacities of microglia 2016 Developmental Neurobiology 76 566-584