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Mor-Shaked, H.; Eiges, R. Modeling Fragile X Syndrome Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells 2016 Genes 7
Kingslake, J.; Martín, C.; Arthern, R.J.; Corr, H.F.J.; King, E.C. Ice-flow reorganization in West Antarctica 2.5 kyr ago dated using radar-derived englacial flow velocities 2016 Geophysical Research Letters 43 9103-9112
de Souza, J.S.; Carromeu, C.; Torres, L.B.; Araujo, B.H.S.; Cugola, F.R.; Maciel, R.M.B.; Muotri, A.R.; Giannocco, G. IGF1 neuronal response in the absence of MECP2 is dependent on TRalpha 3 2016 Human Molecular Genetics
Berto, S.; Usui, N.; Konopka, G.; Fogel, B.L. ELAVL2-regulated transcriptional and splicing networks in human neurons link neurodevelopment and autism 2016 Human Molecular Genetics 25 2451-2464
Chen, C.; Kim, W.-Y.; Jiang, P. Humanized neuronal chimeric mouse brain generated by neonatally engrafted human iPSC-derived primitive neural progenitor cells 2016 JCI Insight 1 e88632