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Costa, V.; Aigner, S.; Vukcevic, M.; Sauter, E.; Behr, K.; Ebeling, M.; Dunkley, T.; Friedlein, A.; Zoffmann, S.; Meyer, C.A.; Knoflach, F.; Lugert, S.; Patsch, C.; Fjeldskaar, F.; Chicha-Gaudimier, L.; Kiialainen, A.; Piraino, P.; Bedoucha, M.; Graf, M.; Jessberger, S.; Ghosh, A.; Bischofberger, J.; Jagasia, R. mTORC1 Inhibition Corrects Neurodevelopmental and Synaptic Alterations in a Human Stem Cell Model of Tuberous Sclerosis 2016 Cell Reports 15 86-95
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Shroff, G. Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury: A Retrospective Study 2016 Clinical and Translational Science 9 168-175