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Zhang, W.-B.; Ross, P.J.; Tu, Y.S.; Wang, Y.; Beggs, S.; Sengar, A.S.; Ellis, J.; Salter, M.W. Fyn Kinase regulates GluN2B subunit-dominant NMDA receptors in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons 2016 Scientific Reports 6 23837
Rozhdestvensky, T.S.; Robeck, T.; Galiveti, C.R.; Raabe, C.A.; Seeger, B.; Wolters, A.; Gubar, L.V.; Brosius, J.; Skryabin, B.V. Maternal transcription of non-protein coding RNAs from the PWS-critical region rescues growth retardation in mice 2016 Scientific Reports 6 20398
Kipling, R.P.; Virkajärvi, P.; Breitsameter, L.; Curnel, Y.; De Swaef, T.; Gustavsson, A.M.; Hennart, S.; Höglind, M.; Järvenranta, K.; Minet, J.; Nendel, C.; Persson, T.; Picon-Cochard, C.; Rolinski, S.; Sandars, D.L.; Scollan, N.D.; Sebek, L.; Seddaiu, G.; Topp, C.F.; Twardy, S.; Van Middelkoop, J.; Wu, L.; Bellocchi, G. Key challenges and priorities for modelling European grasslands under climate change 2016 Science of the Total Environment 566-567 851-864
Lu, P.; Chen, X.; Feng, Y.; Zeng, Q.; Jiang, C.; Zhu, X.; Fan, G.; Xue, Z. Integrated transcriptome analysis of human iPS cells derived from a fragile X syndrome patient during neuronal differentiation 2016 Science China. Life Sciences 59 1093-1105
Yi, F.; Danko, T.; Botelho, S.C.; Patzke, C.; Pak, C.H.; Wernig, M.; Sudhof, T.C. Autism-associated SHANK3 haploinsufficiency causes Ih channelopathy in human neurons 2016 Science (New York, N.Y.) 352 aaf2669