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Lu, P.; Chen, X.; Feng, Y.; Zeng, Q.; Jiang, C.; Zhu, X.; Fan, G.; Xue, Z. Integrated transcriptome analysis of human iPS cells derived from a fragile X syndrome patient during neuronal differentiation 2016 Science China. Life Sciences 59 1093-1105
Brykczynska, U.; Pecho-Vrieseling, E.; Thiemeyer, A.; Klein, J.; Fruh, I.; Doll, T.; Manneville, C.; Fuchs, S.; Iazeolla, M.; Beibel, M.; Roma, G.; Naumann, U.; Kelley, N.; Oakeley, E.J.; Mueller, M.; Gomez-Mancilla, B.; Buhler, M.; Tabolacci, E.; Chiurazzi, P.; Neri, G.; Bouwmeester, T.; Di Giorgio, F.P.; Fodor, B.D. CGG Repeat-Induced FMR1 Silencing Depends on the Expansion Size in Human iPSCs and Neurons Carrying Unmethylated Full Mutations 2016 Stem Cell Reports 7 1059-1071
Toyoshima, M.; Akamatsu, W.; Okada, Y.; Ohnishi, T.; Balan, S.; Hisano, Y.; Iwayama, Y.; Toyota, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Itasaka, N.; Sugiyama, S.; Tanaka, M.; Yano, M.; Dean, B.; Okano, H.; Yoshikawa, T. Analysis of induced pluripotent stem cells carrying 22q11.2 deletion 2016 Translational Psychiatry 6 e934
Patriarchi, T.; Amabile, S.; Frullanti, E.; Landucci, E.; Lo Rizzo, C.; Ariani, F.; Costa, M.; Olimpico, F.; W Hell, J.; M Vaccarino, F.; Renieri, A.; Meloni, I. Imbalance of excitatory/inhibitory synaptic protein expression in iPSC-derived neurons from FOXG1(+/-) patients and in foxg1(+/-) mice 2016 European Journal of Human Genetics : EJHG 24 871-880
Castro-Santos, L.; Martins, E.; Guedes Soares, C. Cost assessment methodology for combined wind and wave floating offshore renewable energy systems 2016 Renewable Energy 97 866-880