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Chen, P.-F.; Hsiao, J.S.; Sirois, C.L.; Chamberlain, S.J. RBFOX1 and RBFOX2 are dispensable in iPSCs and iPSC-derived neurons and do not contribute to neural-specific paternal UBE3A silencing 2016 Scientific Reports 6 25368
Chin, E.W.M.; Marcy, G.; Yoon, S.-I.; Ma, D.; Rosales, F.J.; Augustine, G.J.; Goh, E.L.K. Choline Ameliorates Disease Phenotypes in Human iPSC Models of Rett Syndrome 2016 Neuromolecular Medicine 18 364-377
Choi, H.; Song, J.; Park, G.; Kim, J. Modeling of Autism Using Organoid Technology 2016 Molecular Neurobiology
Compagnucci, C.; Barresi, S.; Petrini, S.; Billuart, P.; Piccini, G.; Chiurazzi, P.; Alfieri, P.; Bertini, E.; Zanni, G. Rho Kinase Inhibition Is Essential During In Vitro Neurogenesis and Promotes Phenotypic Rescue of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons With Oligophrenin-1 Loss of Function 2016 Stem Cells Translational Medicine 5 860-869
Coskun, V.; Lombardo, D.M. Studying the pathophysiologic connection between cardiovascular and nervous systems using stem cells 2016 Journal of Neuroscience Research 94 1499-1510