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Shah, R.R.; Cholewa-Waclaw, J.; Davies, F.C.J.; Paton, K.M.; Chaligne, R.; Heard, E.; Abbott, C.M.; Bird, A.P. Efficient and versatile CRISPR engineering of human neurons in culture to model neurological disorders 2016 Wellcome Open Research 1 13
Scheiblich, H.; Bicker, G. Nitric oxide regulates antagonistically phagocytic and neurite outgrowth inhibiting capacities of microglia 2016 Developmental Neurobiology 76 566-584
Sappa, A.D.; Carvajal, J.A.; Aguilera, C.A.; Oliveira, M.; Romero, D.; Vintimilla, B.X. Wavelet-Based Visible and Infrared Image Fusion: A Comparative Study 2016 Sensors 16 861
Sappa, A.D.; Aguilera, C.A.; Ayala, J.A.C.; Oliveira, M.; Romero, D.; Vintimilla, B.X.; Toledo, R. Monocular visual odometry: A cross-spectral image fusion based approach 2016 Robotics and Autonomous Systems 85 26-36
Ryan, K.R.; Sirenko, O.; Parham, F.; Hsieh, J.-H.; Cromwell, E.F.; Tice, R.R.; Behl, M. Neurite outgrowth in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons as a high-throughput screen for developmental neurotoxicity or neurotoxicity 2016 Neurotoxicology 53 271-281