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t7est test 2019 test 1 12--136
Arieli-Attali, M.; Ward, S.; Thomas, J.; Deonovic, B.; von Davier, A.A. The Expanded Evidence-Centered Design (e-ECD) for Learning and Assessment Systems: A Framework for Incorporating Learning Goals and Processes Within Assessment Design 2019 Frontiers in Psychology 10 853
von Davier, A.A.; Deonovic, B.; Yudelson, M.; Polyak, S.T.; Woo, A. Computational Psychometrics Approach to Holistic Learning and Assessment Systems 2019 Frontiers in Education 4 69
AbuAlRoos, N.J.; Amin, N.A.B.; Zainon, R. Conventional and new lead-free radiation shielding materials for radiation protection in nuclear medicine: A review 2019 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 165 108-439
Vermeulen, K.; Vandamme, M.; Bormans, G.; Cleeren, F. Design and challenges of radiopharmaceuticals 2019 Seminars in nuclear medicine 49 339-356