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Forcael, E.; Pérez, J.; Vásquez, Á.; García-Alvarado, R.; Orozco, F.; Sepúlveda, J. Development of Communication Protocols between BIM Elements and 3D Concrete Printing 2021 Applied sciences 11 7226
Trimborn, T.; Otte, P.; Cramer, S.; Beikirch, M.; Pabich, E.; Frank, M. SABCEMM: A Simulator for Agent-Based Computational Economic Market Models 2020 Computational Economics 55 707-744
Steiner, W.; Hauere, R. Science Today 2020 10
Ge, J.; Zhang, Q.; Zeng, J.; Gu, Z.; Gao, M. Radiolabeling nanomaterials for multimodality imaging: New insights into nuclear medicine and cancer diagnosis 2020 Biomaterials 228 119-553
Brugarolas, P.; Comstock, J.; Dick, D.W.; Ellmer, T.; Engle, J.W.; Lapi, S.E.; Liang, S.H.; Parent, E.E.; Pillarsetty, N.V.K.; Selivanova, S. Fifty Years of Radiopharmaceuticals 2020 Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology 48 34s-39s