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Maas, L.; Geurtsen, M.; Nouwt, F.; Schouten, S.; Water, R.V.D.; Dulmen, S.V.; Dalpiaz, F.; Deemter, K. van; Brinkkemper, S. The Care2Report System: Automated Medical Reporting as an Integrated Solution to Reduce Administrative Burden in Healthcare 2020 Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2020) 1-10
Aydemir, F.B.\csak; Dalpiaz, F. Supporting Collaborative Modeling via Natural Language Processing 2020 Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2020)
de Arquer, F.P.G.; Dinh, C.-T.; Ozden, A.; Wicks, J.; McCallum, C.; Kirmani, A.R.; Nam, D.-H.; Gabardo, C.; Seifitokaldani, A.; Wang, X.; Li, Y.C.; Li, F.; Edwards, J.; Richter, L.J.; Thorpe, S.J.; Sinton, D.; Sargent, E.H. CO2 Electrolysis to Multicarbon Products at Activities Greater than 1 A Cm-2 2020 Science 367 661-666
Beisswenger, L. Reaktionstechnische Untersuchungen zur Hydrierung von CO2 zu Fischer-Tropsch-Produkten 2020
Dieterich, V.; Buttler, A.; Hanel, A.; Spliethoff, H.; Fendt, S. Power-to-Liquid via Synthesis of Methanol, DME or FischerTropsch-Fuels: A Review 2020 Energy & Environmental Science 13 3207-3252