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Hilmer, M A model study of Arctic sea ice variability 2001 157 pp
Lohrmann, A; Cabrera, R; Kraus, NC Acoustic-doppler velocimeter (ADV) for laboratory use 1994 Fundamentals and advancements in hydraulic measurements and experimentation. Proceedings, Hydraulic Division/ASCE, August 1994 351-365
Thomas, D.N.; Dieckmann, G.S. (eds) Sea ice – an introduction to its physics, chemistry, biology and geology 2003 402 pp
de Castellvi, J (ed) Actas des tercer symposium espanol de estudios Antarcticos. Gredos, 3 al 5 de octubre de 1989 1990 379 pp
Gerland, S; Winther, J-G; Örbæk, JB; Ivanov, BV Physical properties, spectral reflectance and thickness development of first year fast ice in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard 1999 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Polar Aspects of Global Change 275-282