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Shcheglovitov, A.; Shcheglovitova, O.; Yazawa, M.; Portmann, T.; Shu, R.; Sebastiano, V.; Krawisz, A.; Froehlich, W.; Bernstein, J.A.; Hallmayer, J.F.; Dolmetsch, R.E. SHANK3 and IGF1 restore synaptic deficits in neurons from 22q13 deletion syndrome patients 2013 Nature 503 267-271
King, I.F.; Yandava, C.N.; Mabb, A.M.; Hsiao, J.S.; Huang, H.-S.; Pearson, B.L.; Calabrese, J.M.; Starmer, J.; Parker, J.S.; Magnuson, T.; Chamberlain, S.J.; Philpot, B.D.; Zylka, M.J. Topoisomerases facilitate transcription of long genes linked to autism 2013 Nature 501 58-62
Wu, Y.; Koschan, M.; Li, Q.; Greeley, I.; Melcher, C.L. Revealing the role of calcium codoping on optical and scintillation homogeneity in Lu2SiO5:Ce single crystals 2018 J. Cryst. Growth 498 362
"Hooper, W.L. & W., Roy T." Electrical problems : for engineering students 1902 000477 170p
Yazawa, M.; Hsueh, B.; Jia, X.; Pasca, A.M.; Bernstein, J.A.; Hallmayer, J.; Dolmetsch, R.E. Using induced pluripotent stem cells to investigate cardiac phenotypes in Timothy syndrome 2011 Nature 471 230-234