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"Jeans, J.H." Report on radiation and the quantum theory .-2nd ed 1924 000540 84p
"Jerrold, D." The necessity of freedom : notes on Christianity and politics 1938 000538 ix+306p
Crawford, K.; Calo, R. There is a blind spot in AI research 2016 Nature 538 311-313
Paulsen, B. da S.; da Silveira, M.S.; Galina, A.; Rehen, S.K. Pluripotent stem cells as a model to study oxygen metabolism in neurogenesis and neurodevelopmental disorders 2013 Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 534 3-10
Aurich, R. The Fluctuations of the cosmic microwave background for a compact hyperbolic universe 1999 The Astrophysical Journal 524 497