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Hildebrand, D.G.; Lehle, S.; Borst, A.; Haferkamp, S.; Essmann, F.; Schulze-Osthoff, K. Fucosidase as a novel convenient biomarker for cellular senescence 2013 Cell Cycle 12 1922-1927
Di, G.; He, L. Behavioral and plasma monoamine responses to high-speed railway noise stress in mice 2013 Noise Health 15 217-223
Park, M.H.; Igarashi, K. Polyamines and Their Metabolites as Diagnostic Markers of Human Diseases 2013 Biomol Ther (Seoul) 21 1-9
Chen, X.-D.; Ma, W.; Zheng, J. Geometric interpolation method in R3 space with optimal approximation order 2010 Computer-Aided Design and Applications 7 919-928
Xing, L.P.; Hui, K.C. Entropy-based mesh simplification 2010 Computer-Aided Design and Applications 7 911-918