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Wu, Y.; Li, Q.; Rutstrom, D.J.; Zhuravleva, M.; Loyd, M.; Stand, L.; Koschan, M.; Melcher, C.L. Tailoring the properties of europium-doped potassium calcium iodide scintillators through defect engineering 2018 Phys. Status Solidi RRL 12 1700403
Reller, C.; Krause, R.; Volkova, E.; Schmid, B.; Neubauer, S.; Rucki, A.; Schuster, M.; Schmid, G. Selective Electroreduction of CO 2 toward Ethylene on Nano Dendritic Copper Catalysts at High Current Density 2017 Advanced Energy Materials 7 1602114
Bharti, K.; Gasper, M.; Ou, J.; Brucato, M.; Clore-Gronenborn, K.; Pickel, J.; Arnheiter, H. A regulatory loop involving PAX6, MITF, and WNT signaling controls retinal pigment epithelium development 2012 PLoS Genetics 8 e1002757
Higham, P.A.; Vokey, J.R. Illusory recollection and dual-process models of recognition memory 2004 Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 57 714744
Jongkamonwiwat, N.; Noisa, P. Biomedical and clinical promises of human pluripotent stem cells for neurological disorders 2013 BioMed Research International 2013 656531