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Zhukov, Y.N.; Fedorov, V.D. Ice planktonic algae of the strand White Sea 2003 Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta 24-31
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Zhu, P.-P.; Denton, K.R.; Pierson, T.M.; Li, X.-J.; Blackstone, C. Pharmacologic rescue of axon growth defects in a human iPSC model of hereditary spastic paraplegia SPG3A 2014 Human Molecular Genetics 23 5638-5648
Zhu, L.; Petersen, P.E.; Wang, H.-Y.; Bian, J.-Y.; Zhang, B.-X. Oral health knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of adults in China 2005 International Dental Journal 55 231-241
Zhu, K. Spaces of holomorphic functions in the unit ball 2005