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Meereis, J. Potenzialstudie Wasserstoffwirtschaft 2019
Tiktak, J. Heat Management of PEM Electrolysis: A Study on the Potential of Excess Heat from Medium- to Large-Scale PEM Electrolysis and the Performance Analysis of a Dedicated Cooling System 2019
Viebahn, P.; Scholz, A.; Zelt, O. Entwicklungsstand und Forschungsbedarf von Direct Air Capture: Ergebnis einer multidimensionalen Analyse 2019 4
Dimian, A.C.; Bildea, C.S. Energy Efficient Methanol-to-Olefins Process 2018 Chemical Engineering Research and Design 131 41-54
Erden, H.; Ebner, A.D.; Ritter, J.A. Development of a Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycle for Producing High Purity CO2 from Dilute Feed Streams. Part I: Feasibility Study 2018 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 8011-8022