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Hosseini, M.; Shahri, A.; Phalp, K.; Taylor, J.; Ali, R.; Dalpiaz, F. Configuring Crowdsourcing for Requirements Elicitation 2015 Proceedings of the IEEE Ninth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2015)
Sernani, P.; Dragoni, A.F.; Serral, E.; Dalpiaz, F. Contextual Requirements Prioritization and its Application to Smart Homes 2017 Proceedings of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (Ami-17)
AbuAlRoos, N.J.; Amin, N.A.B.; Zainon, R. Conventional and new lead-free radiation shielding materials for radiation protection in nuclear medicine: A review 2019 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 165 108-439
Hurtig, O.; Yearwood, J.; Opinska, L.; Veenstra, E.; Krämer, D. D4.3 Economic and Environmental Impacts of Most Promising CCU Pathways 2018
Kather, I.A.; Schmitz, I.G. Datum der mündlichen Prüfung: 31. Mai 2013 190