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Riboldi, L.; Bolland, O. Overview on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) as CO2 Capture Technology: State-of-the-Art, Limits and Potentials 2017 Energy Procedia 114 2390-2400
Sternberg, A.; Jens, C.M.; Bardow, A. Life Cycle Assessment of CO2-Based C1-Chemicals 2017 Green Chemistry 19 2244-2259
Siqueira, R.M.; Freitas, G.R.; Peixoto, H.R.; do Nascimento, J.F.; Musse, A.P.S.; Torres, A.E.B.; Azevedo, D.C.S.; Bastos-Neto, M. Carbon Dioxide Capture by Pressure Swing Adsorption 2017 Energy Procedia 114 2182-2192
Garcia-Herrero, I.; Cuéllar-Franca, R.M.; Enríquez-Gutiérrez, V.M.; Alvarez-Guerra, M.; Irabien, A.; Azapagic, A. Environmental Assessment of Dimethyl Carbonate Production: Comparison of a Novel Electrosynthesis Route Utilizing CO 2 with a Commercial Oxidative Carbonylation Process 2016 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4 2088-2097
Mcmillian, M.H.; Gautam, M. Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Fischer-Tropsch and Standard Diesel Fuel in a Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine 2001 SAE International Fall Fuels & Lubricants Meeting & Exhibition 2001-01