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Reller, C.; Krause, R.; Volkova, E.; Schmid, B.; Neubauer, S.; Rucki, A.; Schuster, M.; Schmid, G. Selective Electroreduction of CO 2 toward Ethylene on Nano Dendritic Copper Catalysts at High Current Density 2017 Advanced Energy Materials 7 1602114
Zhang, B.; Zhang, J.; Hua, M.; Wan, Q.; Su, Z.; Tan, X.; Liu, L.; Zhang, F.; Chen, G.; Tan, D.; Cheng, X.; Han, B.; Zheng, L.; Mo, G. Highly Electrocatalytic Ethylene Production from CO 2 on Nanodefective Cu Nanosheets 2020 Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 13606-13613
Schell, J.; Casas, N.; Marx, D.; Mazzotti, M. Precombustion CO2 Capture by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA): Comparison of Laboratory PSA Experiments and Simulations 2013 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 8311-8322
Ko, D.; Siriwardane, R.; Biegler, L.T. Optimization of Pressure Swing Adsorption and Fractionated Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes for CO2 Capture 2005 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 44 8084-8094
Erden, H.; Ebner, A.D.; Ritter, J.A. Development of a Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycle for Producing High Purity CO2 from Dilute Feed Streams. Part I: Feasibility Study 2018 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 8011-8022